vogue Booth

Common, VOGUE!!

Elevate your event with the Vogue Photo Booth, a premier choice for high-profile celebrity gatherings.

Our cutting-edge booth boasts a captivating 3D backdrop, creating an immersive and visually stunning experience for guests. The enclosure features customizable LED lighting effects, setting the stage for a dynamic and lively atmosphere. In just about 10 seconds post-session, the Vogue Photo Booth produces a diverse range of photo strip layouts, capturing spontaneous moments of joy.

Filter, Fun and animated effects – You NEED this! 

Explore our professional photography filters to unleash a myriad of unique and playful photo effects. Whether opting for stills, animated gifs, or a combination of both, our booth offers a versatile and engaging experience.

Instantly Share the fun

Whether opting for stills, animated gifs, or a combination of both, our booth offers a versatile and engaging experience. With optional social media sharing features, you can instantly share the fun straight to your phone via text, email or QR code.

Does it print? …
Hell yeah!!

Our on-site printing ensures that every guest leaves with a personalized and branded memento, making the Vogue Photo Booth the key to endless fun and cherished memories at your event. 

Is it good for my event?

The Vogue Photo Booth steals the show at weddings, corporate events, birthday bashes, and all your special moments. It’s the ultimate blend of sophistication and entertainment, guaranteed to charm every crowd. Renting a Vogue Photo Booth isn’t just a choice; it’s a genius move to crank up the fun, craft unforgettable experiences for your guests, and create keepsakes that linger in their hearts and minds.

Make your event a blockbuster – Vogue Photo Booth style!

you want branding or customization?

Our Vogue Booth can easily be branded or customized to match your event.

Level up your event with a customized photo booth! ? Branded with your logo or theme, it’s the ultimate fun and memorable experience for guests. Snap, share, and spread the joy – your event, your brand, everywhere! Boost visibility, engage on social media, and make every pic a keepsake. Let’s turn your gathering into a branded blast! ?

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Tons of customizable templates

Personalize your party with a template to match your event.

Guests won’t just leave with a fun keepsake; they’re taking home a visual time capsule of the event and your brand, creating a feel-good connection that lasts. It’s not just a pic; it’s a memory-making, brand-loving masterpiece! ?✨ #PartyMemories #BrandedMagic”

Printing templates
Photobooth voguebooth slideshow

Slideshow Entertainment

your having fun but what about everyone else waiting their turn?

Give them something fun to entertain themselves by adding a video slideshow on one of our large LCD screens. Your guests will laugh themselves right to the front of the line!

Data collection

Elevate your event with our photo booth experience, not just for fun but also for strategic insights!

Our email and data collection features let you analyze guest engagement, assess the effectiveness of event themes, and gather valuable demographic information.Track social media impact, measure brand exposure, and gain insights for future marketing endeavors.

With our photo booth, it’s not just about capturing moments – it’s about unlocking a wealth of data to enhance your events and make them truly unforgettable. Book now for an event that’s as smart as it is fun!

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Data analytics



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