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Quebec Photobooth offers a wide variety of booth experiences using the best high tech software the industry. We can handle large venues to small spaces in your home or backyard.

 Our DSLR cameras, strobe lighting and fast printers pump out photos at lightning speeds. Every guest should be able to capture the fun moments of your customized event.

Looking for luxury? Check out our Magic Mirror Page.

custom designed prints

Our graphic designer will customize your 4×6 print template to match your event’s theme and style. With hundreds of layout options and color palettes, we can design something just for you. Base packages come with single 4×6 prints and unlimited photo sessions with  many add-ons to customize your events. 

beautiful backdrops

Choose from our standard in-house backdrops (sparkly sequins) or upgrade to our, Floral or other 8ft x 8ft 3D Backdrops. Get creative and order a custom-made backdrop you keep for your future events.

on-site sharing

Got some guests couldn’t make it to the event? We got you covered!

Our booths have the option to text photos to guest cell with live online galeries they can view from any cell or PC. We’ll get you the link to share those digital copies around the world and on all Social Media platforms.

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Polaroid Photo Booth

Step into a realm of retro charm with Quebec Photobooth’s Polaroid Photo Booth. Instantly capture timeless moments with the iconic charm of Polaroid prints. Bring nostalgia to any event as guests create tangible memories that last a lifetime, blending classic style with modern fun.

Omira Photo Booth

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Experience the epitome of sophistication with Quebec Photobooth’s Omira Photo Booth. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, this sleek booth delivers crystal-clear digital images, ensuring every moment is captured in stunning detail. Elevate your event with seamless integration and effortless sharing capabilities for a truly unforgettable experience.
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Mariage Photobooth

Celebrate love in style with Quebec Photobooth’s Mariage Photobooth. Tailored specifically for weddings, this charming booth adds an extra layer of joy to your special day. From romantic couple shots to hilarious group snaps, create cherished memories that reflect the essence of your union in every frame.

Mosaic Photobooth

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Unleash your creativity with Quebec Photobooth’s Mosaic Photobooth. Watch as individual snapshots weave together to form a captivating mosaic masterpiece. Whether it’s a corporate event or a lively party, this innovative booth fosters collaboration and connection, turning moments into a work of art that’s truly one-of-a-kind.
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