Spin 360 booth

movie style special effects

Over 100 special effects available to make each video unique to stand out from the crowd. Incorporate a introduction to your brand at the begining of each video or simply add your animated logo at the bottom of your video. 

branded experience

Your brand is important to you. Its what makes you different from the competition.

Spin 360 Photobooth can easily place your logo or personalized anagram on our large 40 inch 360 platform and control station.  Everyone will know who you are even before your videos get posted to Instagram.


stand, start, spin, share!

These are the 4 “S’s”words that start the fun!

The process is so simple to create amazing 360 videos with special effects. At the touch of a button, you’ll be ready to share your experience with the social world in less than 30 seconds.

Data collection

data collection

Videos are fun but you need customers!

Spin 360 Photobooth proprietary software can collect your customer’s email addresses and phone numbers for future marketing campaigns.

Create a contest to collect followers by having guests tag your company with a hashtag which you can easily track to give away gift cards and other discounts for future events.


Spin 360 booth


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