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Watch out, traditional photobooths – we’ve got one that’s on the move! No more waiting in line; our roaming photobooth comes to you, capturing those candid moments and spontaneous fun wherever they happen. It’s not just a photobooth; it’s a moving ambassador of fun, breaking the ice, and turning your event into an interactive extravaganza.

Snap and share Anywhere!

No more sticking to one spot for photos! Our mobile photobooth is like a chameleon with a camera, blending seamlessly into any event setup. It doesn’t just stand there – it mingles, capturing all the amazing moments that make a party unforgettable. Think of it as a sneaky paparazzi, but instead of secrets, it captures smiles and laughter. Get ready for a photo experience that goes wherever the fun is! ?✨ #RoamingSnap #PartyVibes

Instant Sharing: Social Media on the Go!

No need to wait for the next day’s post-event social media explosion. Our roaming photobooth lets your guests share their hilarious, heartwarming, and downright fabulous moments instantly – turning your event into a trending topic.


roaming photobooth

Create fun magazine covers with AI background removal

Let your imagination take you anywhere.

With our proprietary AI background removal, there is no need for a physical green screen. Your live background will easily be replaced by a digital background removing the need of an ugly green screen.

You can easily do magazine covers, Glam black and white or set yourself up in the Canadiens hockey tem locker room,

Turn your event into a branding masterpiece! Our roaming photobooth is a canvas ready for your brand’s artistic touch. From logos to colors, every snapshot is a promotional masterpiece.


Data collection

Elevate your event with our photo booth experience, not just for fun but also for strategic insights!

Our email and data collection features let you analyze guest engagement, assess the effectiveness of event themes, and gather valuable demographic information.Track social media impact, measure brand exposure, and gain insights for future marketing endeavors.

With our photo booth, it’s not just about capturing moments – it’s about unlocking a wealth of data to enhance your events and make them truly unforgettable. Book now for an event that’s as smart as it is fun!

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Data analytics

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