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Quebec Photo Booth has always been working on great projects and looking out for new and improved products to make your events super entertaining. We know 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Covid-19 has hit the entertainment industry hard and impacted tons of wedding, cooperate events and holiday parties. We understand the financial stress of the whole situation and as a result we have been very accommodating with our clientele.

We have refunded deposits, provided credits for events that have been postponed to future dates and kept our pricing schedule the same for 2021 events.

Until then we are complying with all government sanitation standards whenever events are possible. All equipment is sanitized regularly, props are limited to what can be cleaned quickly and hand sanitizer bottles are readily available to all guests.


 So what have we done with all this free time??? With so many of our competitors liquidating their booths and closing shop to pay bills, we’ve managed to pick up some sweet new equipment to get ready for the big business boom once Covid-19 is finally over.  MANY reservations are coming in cause they know its hard to find a good company they can trust for their event.


We’ve also done a complete redesign of our web site to give you more information about the options we offer to make your special event as entertaining as possible. Our new booking system allows you to select your booth, backdrop, template and let us know where we gotta go. It makes for a quick guaranteed reservation process that you can easily modify as your date approaches.


We miss partying as much as you. Get your reservation in today (click here) or use the contact us form to get a personalized quote.



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