Green Screen
Photo Booth

travel anywhere

Got an 80’s theme party and you wanna go back in time? Leave your Delorean in the driveway. No teleportation device needed here. Our unique Green Screen Photo Booth software has the secret sauce to place you right into the heart of the action! Switch it up with multiple background images to move your guests from one Era to another. The possibilities are endless with Green Screen Photo Booth.

The Giffy green screen

Combine a Green Screen Photo Booth with a GIFFY & prints and your party just shot to next level status.

Our high tech Green Screen Photo Booth software can rotate between several backgrounds bringing one guests to Vegas and the next to the Eifel Tower in Paris. Grab some props and 10 seconds later your walking away with a fresh print and a digital Giffy sent straight to your cell.

custom greenscreen  options

Get your guests on the cover of a magazine. or place them in a car flying over the Grand Canyon.

With Green Screen Photo Booth, there’s no limit to the imagination! We’ll create an overlay template fit for your event and our green screen background will transport you where you want to go. Book a Green Screen Photo Booth now!

(Rates available via custom quote)

green screen poster prints

Book a booth and add a Green Screen backdrop



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