selfie station

Get silly with a Giffy

Get silly with a Giffy. We’ll take a series of photos with our Selfie Station and animate them into a non-stop looping string of giffy goodness. 

2x the fun with gif to print

So you really like GIF’s but you kinda want prints for your guests to…Hmmm

Yeah we can handle that too! Upgrade to one of our Printing Options and choose your print template. We’ll  hook your guests up with some sweet prints using all still images taken in the GIF sequence. Now you’ll have cool GIF’s to share online and pics to put on your refrigerator too.

Get your Boomerang on!

Dance or get creative with boomerangs at your event and share them to your Socials. Boomerangs are quick 5 second video clips played backward and forwards in a continuous loop. Speed them up and you got non stop entertainment.


selfie station booth rental package



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